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      Digital Security in Action

      Digital Security in Action keeps you up-to-date with developments in the digital world via in-depth articles on innovations that are changing billions of people’s lives.

      Our award winning print magazine, The Review, brings smart insights three times per year on the mobile, payment, public sector, IT security, M2M industries and many more. Its online version /review also features exclusive online content, videos, infographics, Gemalto news and more.




      Presenting /review; the new online home for our digital security insights: featuring the best of The Review magazine with added multimedia content..

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      The Review

      The Review, Gemalto magazine

      ?Our award winning Digital Security magazine The Review is published three times a year and is available in print or as a PDF document. Since its birth in 2006, it has been recognized for the excellence of its unique content covering all aspects of our industry, technological innovations, and hi-tech trends.

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      Gemalto Microsites

      IoT Security bty Gemalto?

      IoT Security b?y Gemalto

      Discover how to safely connect your business.

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